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Caltech's Office of Strategic Communications (OSC) is responsible for promoting broad understanding, awareness, and recognition of Caltech's research, people, accomplishments, and legacy across print and digital platforms.

Our team members work closely with divisions, departments, and individuals across campus to effectively communicate the impact Caltech has on science and the world through the Institute's main web pages, social media channels, central publications, and partnerships with media outlets and channels.


News Stories

News stories highlight current activities in research and campus life, including scientific breakthroughs and milestones and key Institute events.

This is Caltech

This is Caltech provides an annual overview of Caltech's vision, mission, and impact, and offers a glimpse of the previous year's accomplishments both on campus and at JPL.

Caltech Magazine

Caltech magazine, the Institute's flagship publication, features a broad range of stories about Caltech, its people, and its impact on the world.

Caltech Today

Caltech Today provides targeted news and information for the Caltech community. 

The Caltech Weekly

The Caltech Weekly is a weekly e-newsletter that highlights the most relevant research, news, and events at Caltech as well as the individuals who are advancing the boundaries of discovery.

Caltech Identity Toolkit

The Caltech logo, colors, fonts, and templates. Here you will find easy-to-use directions, tools, and downloadable assets that will help you craft communications of any kind, on any platform—print and digital.


The Media Relations staff can connect local, national, and international media organizations with Caltech researchers, faculty, and staff; assist news crews with filming on campus; and help provide information, images, and multimedia assets. The team also manages and coordinates press briefings at the Media Center at the Caltech Seismological Laboratory that may be held in the event of widely felt local earthquakes and significant international earthquakes.

Media Contacts

If you are with the media and need assistance, please contact any of Caltech's media contacts.


Seismologists from Caltech and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will typically be available to reporters for interviews, and may conduct briefings in the Media Center at the Caltech Seismological Laboratory, immediately following widely felt local and regional quakes and significant international quakes. Many questions can be answered via the links on the Earthquake Information Resources page.


Caltech Communicators Council

The Communicators Council brings together communicators across campus both in monthly meetings and through digital communications to share best practices, initiatives, resources, stories, and events.

Guidelines and Policies for Campus Communicators

Working in partnership with the Institute's leadership, the Office of Strategic Communications has developed and now oversees a series guidelines and policies that create shared standards and practices across campus.

Filming at Caltech

OSC is responsible for all arrangements pertaining to filming on Caltech's campus.

Caltech on Flickr

OSC shares thousands of low- and high-resolution research and campus images with the Caltech community and the media using the Flickr photo hosting service. Access is limited. Request an invitation to join.

Caltech on YouTube

Caltech's YouTube channel features an array of video content including research news, faculty profiles, students features, lectures, and more.